ENCORE PERFORMANCE: Didja Feel The Music of...Cory Wong

An encore can be a reappearance, or an additional performance often demanded by an audience. Encore can also be an achievement that surpasses the one before it. Cory Wong’s performances constantly surpass previous achievements as do the performances of the exceptional talents who make up Cory’s varied and vibrant musical ensembles. The groups are fluid in the number of players and the music is always moving forward; the only constant is in the high quality of music produced. The recent make up of players adds to those mentioned in the original post below and can be heard on the newest album: Cory Wong and the Green Screen Band.  You can check it out here:   https://www.icehousempls.com/events/2017/10/20/cory-wong-the-green-screen-band-featuring-antwaun-stanley-cd-release
Listen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT2_7RWOmro

Hope you enjoy this ENCORE PERFORMANCE.  

When is separate not apart? When it’s a skill that is acquired and added to another acquired skill and another, etc. so that the result is so much more than any single piece of the whole. In this case, the separate but acquired skills of rock guitar and jazz guitar and funk and folk and blues guitar, and even Afro-Peruvian have been brought together by one super-dynamic guitarist, Cory J. Wong.

Mr. Wong seems intent on combining things that are good separately but absolutely stellar when united. For example, along with being a really fine musician, he is a music director, producer, film scorer, and co-founder of Secret Stash Records who enjoys a growing renown in the U.S. and more high-profile fame on the South American continent. These are all great accomplishments that add up to one multifaceted being.
Now comes the combination I can’t wait to share with you, or actually, the combo. Cory Wong has joined with three musicians of diverse musical and national backgrounds to form a vibrant and exciting quartet called Foreign Motion.  I was recently introduced to this group and listening to them I immediately felt their energy and exploration. The fusion of styles is complex and yet fully realized. I move to their grooves and wonder at the subtle melodies that are never lost in their creativity.

The other young musicians in this improvisational jazz collective are: Bassist Yohannes Tona from Ethiopia, drummer Petar Janjic who was born in Serbia, and Kevin Gastonguay, from Minnesota. Cory was born in New York. Now all these personalities, talents and cultures meld with their multiple styles and original compositions and we are all treated to a totally solid musical amalgamation.  

Get a feel for what I mean as you listen to “Pass the Plate” by Foreign Motion  

Didja Know?
On Oct. 28, 2017 Cory and the group will be playing the live music club in Chicago, Illinois called the Tonic Room. The club showcases fine groups of today while having a past life of, well, past lives. The spirits aren't just the alcoholic kind and you could get more than a Cory Wong appearance. Ghosts here cover the spectrum from ancient Egypt to the 1920s and 30s. For info on this the  "#4 Most Haunted Bar in Illinois" go to:       http://tonicroom.ticketfly.com/about/ 

There are several “secret” bars and clubs in Chicago that share a storied past from the  Phohibition Era. Some are private so you need to get membership, but many just require you to locate the “secret” entrance, while others include having a secret password.  Here are a couple to try for a neat experience:

And Didja Know This?
As I said, he is a man of many musical identities. Here's another great sound and grouping of musicians from Cory Wong. Vulfpeck:  https://www.facebook.com/vulfpeck/

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